Butter Laser Plywood 600 x 400 x 6mm – Pack of 10




Butter laser plywood is a specialized material used in laser cutting processes, particularly in industries that require precision cutting and intricate designs. It is a composite material consisting of layers of butter-like material infused with laser-absorbing particles. This unique combination allows for efficient laser cutting with improved accuracy and reduced heat transfer.

The primary purpose of butter laser ply is to enhance the cutting process by optimizing laser absorption and minimizing the adverse effects of heat. The butter-like consistency of the material enables it to disperse and distribute the laser energy evenly, reducing the chances of overheating or burning the workpiece. This is especially beneficial when working with delicate or heat-sensitive materials, such as certain plastics or thin metals.

The laser-absorbing particles embedded within the butter laser ply serve to enhance the absorption of the laser beam. By absorbing more of the laser’s energy, the cutting process becomes more efficient and precise. This allows for cleaner and smoother cuts, with minimal charring or discoloration along the edges.

Moreover, the use of butter laser plywood helps to reduce the risk of thermal damage to the surrounding areas of the workpiece. The material acts as a heat sink, absorbing and dissipating excess heat generated during the cutting process. This feature is crucial in maintaining dimensional stability, preventing warping or distortion of the material being cut.

Butter laser ply is available in various thicknesses and can be customized to meet specific cutting requirements. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including industrial manufacturing, prototyping, and artistic projects that demand intricate detailing.

In summary, butter laser ply is a specialized composite material designed for laser cutting. Its butter-like consistency, combined with laser-absorbing particles, enables precise and efficient cutting while minimizing heat-related issues. By improving the absorption of the laser beam and acting as a heat sink, it facilitates clean cuts with reduced thermal damage, making it an ideal choice for industries that require high-precision laser cutting.


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